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Honor your loved ones with a proper service

Funerals are always a hard time, and you want to honor the memory of your loved one. However, planning any service during a time of mourning can be very trying. Our compassionate professionals will design a service to meet your specific needs and help to ease the burden of this difficult time.

You will fully appreciate our caring and compassionate staff - we're here to help during your time of mourning.

Faith based services

There for you in your time of need

Family owned and operated since 1928

Our family, serving yours

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Services based around faith and family tradition

Affordable prices that won't be a burden

Over 80 years serving the Milwaukee area

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We can provide unique and personalized funeral services for all faiths and religious denominations.

Compassionate care

You will find our employees helpful and compassionate during your time of loss - we want to ease

your burden.

Cremation available

Cremation services are available for those who prefer this method.

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more information.

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